Worth Remembering…

So here I am at the end of my holidays which started after my exams. Time flew by so quickly that I couldn’t even notice how fast my last year at school ended. Truly this “last year” is one of the most cherishable one for a life time, the best one so far in my school years.

It began with an uncertainty like every other year always does. You never know what awaits you next. I was just a shy and a quiet girl and really didn’t expect this year to hold anything new for me. I thought it would be the same, I would be sitting with my one and only friend, not bothering about others and not even trying to mingle with others; just be quiet, hardly giving a thought to the world or people who existed around me, shut everyone out and let time pass. I guess that’s what I was doing and I never realised hoe monotonous things became.

But as time passed by, I don’t know what changed me but I soon broke down the walls that were built around me and stepped out of my little space and saw something better awaiting for me. The world around me changed and with every passing moment I began to see things differently. I felt as if the people around me were changing or was it just me who was changing?

I could see a meaning behind each and every thing around me. It was as if all things were shining bright and clear just like when the sun’s scattering rays falls around rejuvenating every little thing. Then the “new me” emerged out radiating and glowing with every enlightening change that occurred within me. I made friends, more friends, started talking more and mingling with others. I never knew that I would be ver be able to make such wonderful friends that it would hurt in the end to realise that we all will be soon parting our ways and going in different directions in life.

Everything passed just in the blink of an eye. It seems that just yesterday I was sitting with my classmates laughing and chatting and doing all sorts of nonsense. You see even when you don’t want certain things to end they just do or sometimes you just need to let them go. Nothing could last for an eternity. Whatever comes to you, eventually goes by with passing time. Sometimes I wish I could cease this unfathomable thing called “time” but I know I can’t. In fact none of us can even when we desperately wish to do so, we’re all powerless in front of it.

There was a time when I used to hate school, looking for excuses to not go to school, eagerly looking out for holidays but since last year my perspective changed completely and I fell in love with school and now I miss everything about it. All I can do is reminisce all great deeds that I have done, the fun I’ve had, the constant chit-chatter or me constantly ranting about celebrities, songs, bands and all kind of shit to which some people would just shake their head or some would just join with me.

Honestly, “this one special year” was the most awesome, enthralling, unexpected and definitely a memorable journey worth remembering. I have no idea when I’ll ever get to meet those amazing people again. Time will pass by, bringing a huge change on its way, fading away a few memories, changing people and their feelings but deep down we all know that our hearts will never forget and years from now, every time we would sit and take a journey  down the memory lane, a smile will spread across our face leaving behind a sense of pleasure and happiness.



A dilemma!

Sometimes I think life is so ‘weird’. Yes I’m using the word ‘weird’ because many a times it brings you to a dead-end. You come at such a point that you just can’t understand what to do. You face a serious dilemma and you just can’t make out which way is right for you.. You’re just left with this creepy feeling that maybe if you go this one way, everything will change for good but at the same time you feel a slight regret in your heart for not choosing the other way which could have been at least a bit better.

Have you ever felt like?? I know it’ll sound strange but this did happen with me. In fact, I’m facing a situation like this…

Love always makes you feel this way. It is the most biggest enigma of human nature and sooo intensely complicated!! Seriously, why does it have to be so complicated?? Why can’t things be just simple and smooth in it??

There comes a time in life when you meet this one person whom who knew from the beginning isn’t right for you. Your instincts keep telling you to not fall for him but even then you just do. You know that this love won’t last and is a mere mirage in front of you, just providing temporary relief and happiness and when its unexpected end comes it could just annihilate you…

Perhaps you accept that person because you feel good or needed, makes you feel like you’re the only person that’s ever mattered to him, like his world is empty without you. His words just melt you and soothes your soul but is he really like this person he’s pretending to be?? Afterall it is usually said “Appearances can be deceptive”. However even when you want to deny him, you are not able to. Your knees go weak in front of him and once again all your senses are clouded. You start thinking  of the reasons why you like him? But finally you just give up because you ain’t got any. Maybe it’s not about his looks or his attitude that makes you like him.. Then what is it that drives you crazy for him??

Is it just those “feelings” that you get when you’re with him??

Well, speaking honestly I’m dealing with this kinda thing right now and I don’t have an answer to any of these questions..! Every time I think of it, I get more and more confused! No doubt why people say “Love is blind”. I can totally relate with this now.

So one must never fall such a person whom you believe isn’t right for you or give away everything you have just for him because who knows in the end you might be left alone and broken, unable to mend your heart. Your heart’s pieces will be shattered all around you like glass and you won’t be able to take those precious pieces back because each time you’ll try to pick them up, the sharp edges will prick your fingers leaving you in pain and nothing but remorse.



Why start a blog??

Hey there!!

I really don’t know how to start this but this is my first attempt at writing a blog. Writing a blog never ever came in my mind until a few days ago when I desperately felt the need to jot down all my experiences  and other certain things that I need to get off my chest. I have few people whom I can share my feelings with and sometimes they do understand me but there are times when I feel like I’m banging my head against the wall!!

So, writing a blog came up in my mind ( actually one of my friends suggested me to start one and I kinda liked his idea..) Also, I would love to share my daily experiences and musings with y’all….

Please don’t close this already…

Let me tell you about myself. I’m a 16 year old girl and shy in nature( like literally!). I’m way too sensitive and quiet… I live with my Mom, Dad and younger brother and currently I’m under a huge pressure of studies!!! My exams are starting from 10th March. Even though my Mom told not to start a blog or publish a book on Wattpad because my exams are coming and it’s better for me to concentrate on my studies rather than getting engaged in all this shit, I couldn’t control my sudden urge to do at least any one of them… ( Quite a rebel I’m, you see).

This brings me to now when I’m currently typing and trying to make an attempt at starting a blog. I’d be verrrryyy glad if y’all will read my posts. There are so many things going on in my life right now. I think its full of complications and I feel too lonely. My posts will not only be just about my daily life, I would post other things too like my own short stories, articles or maybe even poems ( if you’d want me to).

Enjoy reading and have a great time at imaginatorweb :))